Ordering and renewing library items

New library catalogue system

We're changing our system for ordering items and renewing items from Thurrock libraries.

While we change our system, you will not be able to access the catalogue online or in any library from Tuesday 6 April to Wednesday 21 April.

What's changing

In April 2021, together with Essex County Council, we are joining 'The Libraries Consortium'. This is a network of 18 library authorities across London and the south-east of England. If you are a Thurrock library member, it means you will have access to over 6 million more items of stock.

To give you direct access to all these items – books, music, films and more – we'll be providing a new online catalogue. This is the system that lets you order and renew items online, either using library computers or your own device.

What will happen

During April 2021:

  • you can use the current library catalogue system up to Monday 5 April
  • the catalogue will be unavailable from Tuesday 6 April to Wednesday 21 April
  • you will be able to use the new system on the web from Thursday 22 April
  • you will be able to download a new library App from Thursday 22 April

While the library catalogue system is unavailable, between 6 April and 21 April:

  • you will still be able to pick-up reserved items if you've been notified they're ready to collect
  • you will still be able to use other online library services – for example, e-books and e-audio, newspapers and magazines, dictionaries
  • we will transfer your current loans and reservations to the new system
  • we will transfer 5 years of your personal loan history to the new system

After the change you will still be able to use your current library card.

Loan periods and borrowing limits will stay the same.

What won't be transferring to the new system

We won't be transferring:

  • library loan histories from more than 5 years back
  • customer reading lists

If your loan history goes back more than 5 years and you would like to keep it, you must download it before Tuesday 6 April.

If you would like to save your reading list so you can recreate it in the new system, you should either email it to yourself or print it before Tuesday 6 April.