Ordering and renewing library items

Paying your library balance online

You can pay the balance of your library charges and fines by logging in to the library catalogue.

Library catalogue login

When you login, a link titled 'Payments Due' will be displayed on the left side if there are any payments you need to make. The link will not be shown if there are no payments to be made.

On selecting the 'Payments Due' link, a list will be displayed that shows all the payments you need to make. You can select individual items to pay, or you can choose to pay the whole amount due.

After deciding the amount you wish to pay, select 'Click here to pay now' to open a secure payments web page.

You can pay by credit card or debit card, and should enter your email address to get a receipt.

Upon completing a successful payment, your receipt will also be displayed on the screen. Select 'Click here to continue' to return to your library account.