Our investments and borrowing

Investment income

Income from our investments – called treasury income – gives us extra funds for services.

What we've invested

Our main areas of investment have been in renewable energy and the Churches, Charities and Local Authorities (CCLA) Property Fund.

For a summary of amounts invested at present, go to our current borrowing and investments page.

What income we've received

In recent financial years (1 April to 31 March), the net amount of treasury income we've received after repayment of debt and paying interest, has been:

  • more than £24million for 2018/19
  • more than £34million for 2019/20
  • more than £36million for 2020/21

Our page on why investment income has been important shows how this extra income allowed us to spend more on services without raising council tax.

Our level of council tax is still one of the lowest of all unitary authorities in the country.

What we've spent

This extra income from investments has meant we could spend, for example:

  • £1.5million on environmental improvements
  • £1million towards new police officers
  • £670,000 to tackle anti-social behaviour
  • £500,000 for mental health support in local schools

What we've set aside

We were also able to increase the amount of money in our 'reserves' from £8million in 2016 to £24million in 2020. This is money set aside so it can be used if, in exceptional circumstances, we need to spend more than we can collect – for example, while supporting vulnerable residents and businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.