Parking zones and parking bays

Controlled parking zones and permit parking areas

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area in which all kerbside space is controlled either by waiting or loading restrictions or by designated parking spaces.

A permit parking area (PPA) consists of residential streets – particularly culs-de-sac – that are reserved for permit holder parking only. A sign at the entrance to the street will show that parking is for permit holders only. PPAs may not have signs or bay markings within them. Sometimes there may be small plates to remind motorists of the controls in place.

Parking permit zones and areas

CPZs and PPAs are often put in places where there are heavy pressures on parking space, such as in residential areas near railway stations, shops, hospitals and colleges. Their main use is to manage overcrowding – controlling or removing intrusive parking, such as commuter parking – by giving priority to residents, and providing short-term parking for shoppers and visitors.

We do this by issuing parking permits to eligible residents, visitors and business users within a zone, so they can park in parking areas and bays that are for use by parking permit holders. There are 2 CPZs and 1 PPA of this type in Thurrock, located in:

  • Grays town centre CPZ – split into 6 sub-zones
  • Stanford-le-Hope CPZ
  • Tilbury CPZ
  • Purfleet PPA
  • South Ockendon PPA

Go to residents parking permits or business parking permits to find out more.

Other restrictions

Other restrictions can be put in place improve the environment of an area by controlling the size of vehicles – usually those over a certain maximum gross weight – that can park in certain streets, and how long they can wait. There are several restrictions of this type in Thurrock, located in:

  • Tilbury
  • Chadwell St Mary
  • Stanford-le-Hope
  • Corringham
  • Aveley
  • Purfleet
  • West Thurrock
  • South Ockendon

Money raised

All councils must make sure their CPZs are self-financing. Money is raised from:

  • income received through penalty charge notices (PCNs)
  • permit sales
  • pay and display income

Money received is used to maintain the signs and lines, and to provide regular enforcement by our civil enforcement officers (CEOs).

Parking spaces

The total on-street and off-street parking spaces in Thurrock are as follows:

Type of parking space Number
Marked bays for off-street parking 1,161
Marked bays for on-street parking 1,255
Off-street parking spaces not marked out as individual bays - approximate 78
On-street parking spaces not marked out as individual bays - approximate 195