Parking zones and parking bays

New parking zones

If you've received a letter that says you are now within a parking zone, please do not apply for a permit until 2 weeks before the enforcement date as your property will not be included on the permit application system until then.

Parking permits and controlled parking

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area in which all space along the kerb is controlled either by waiting or loading restrictions, or by designated parking spaces.

A permit parking area (PPA) is an area of residential streets where parking is reserved for permit holders – a sign at the entrance to the street will show that parking is for permit holders only. PPAs may not have signs or bay markings within them. Sometimes there may be small plates to remind motorists of the controls in place.

CPZs and PPAs are often used where there is high demand for parking spaces. They give priority to residents, and offer short-term parking for shoppers and visitors. CPZs and PPAs in Thurrock are:

  • Grays town centre CPZ – split into 6 sub-zones
  • Stanford-le-Hope CPZ
  • Tilbury CPZ
  • Purfleet PPA
  • South Ockendon PPA

Parking permits

We provide parking permits to eligible residents, businesses, healthcare professionals and council contractors for the CPZs in Grays and Stanford-le-Hope, and the PPA in South Ockendon.

To find out more and apply for each permit type, go to:

When applying for any permit, be aware that:

  • parking permits must not be transferred or resold
  • anyone who knowingly makes a false statement to obtain a parking permit, or who sells a parking permit to someone else, may have their permit revoked
  • we do not send reminder letters before parking permits expire