Parking zones and parking bays

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – parking

Grays Beach car park on Thames Road, and Gordon Road (Grover Walk) car park in Corringham, are in use as coronavirus test sites and have fewer available spaces.

From 1 August 2021, NHS staff need a NHS parking permit.

Stanford-le-Hope parking controls

Many roads in Stanford-le-Hope are part of a parking permit area (PPA), which means at certain times parking is reserved for permit holders only.

The parking permit area has 3 zones, called zone A, zone B and zone C. Parking is restricted in all 3 zones from Monday to Friday, between 10am and 4pm.

Residents should apply for a parking permit to park on roads in these zones from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. Only residents can apply for permits.

Parking permit restrictions do not apply in limited waiting bays, on yellow lines or in disabled persons' parking bays.

The roads in each zone are listed below. In some cases only part of the road is in a zone – this is shown by signs next to the roads and by the word "(part)" in the table below.

Zone A roads Zone B roads Zone C roads
Brockenhurst Drive Cabborns Crescent Bell-Reeves Close
Butts Road Chantry Crescent (part) Central Road
Caldwell Road Copland Road Church Hill
Kingsman Road Fairview Avenue (part) Corringham Road (part)
London Road (part) Fairview Chase (part) Ellie Close
Lulworth Close Grove Road Fetherston Road
Old Jenkins Road Hadfield Road Gentry Close
Poley Road King Edward's Drive Hardie Road
Prospect Avenue Rectory Road High Street
Rayleigh Road Ryde Drive Karren Close
Romsey Close Salisbury Avenue King Street
Runnymede Road The Hollies London Road
Ruskin Road Warrene Close Scratton Road
Valmar Avenue Wharf Close Southend Road (part)
Wilson Close Wharf Road (part) Victoria Road

Zone A started on 14 September 2018. Zones B and C started on 7 June 2019.

In each zone:

  • double yellow lines are at junctions where needed to maintain safety, visibility and accessibility
  • single yellow lines that previously restricted parking from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, have been removed
  • signs and lines have been removed where they were causing confusion or clutter

Restrictions around the town centre – including limited waiting bays – were introduced in 2003 and remain in place on the following roads:

  • Central Road (part)
  • Church Hill, including The Green
  • Corringham Road (part)
  • High Street (part)
  • King Street
  • London Road (part)

The parking permit area has replaced the controlled parking zone that was previously in place. The parking restrictions above replace previous controlled parking zone restrictions.

The current parking permit area zones were introduced following an informal consultation with residents in March 2017 and a full statutory consultation throughout Stanford-le-Hope in 2018.