Preparing for emergencies at home

Prepare yourself and your family

There are many things you and your family can do to prepare for an emergency. These include:

  • talking about the types of emergency that may happen
  • keeping an emergency supply kit
  • sharing responsibility so you all understand what to do in an emergency
  • picking 2 places to meet outside of your home or area in an emergency, if you were ever asked to leave your home by police or fire officers
  • teaching children to dial 999 and to know their address and home phone number - get them to visit the what if..? website, where there are games to help them understand
  • asking a relative or friend, outside of where you live, to be the family contact
  • learning basic first aid
  • learning how to operate a fire extinguisher, if you have one in your home
  • working out safe exits from the house
  • refreshing the plan with the family regularly

Family emergency plan

Check list Notes
Meeting place #1:  
Meeting place #2:  
Out of area contact:  
Home phone number:  
Mobile numbers:  
Work phone numbers:  
School numbers:
  • primary:
  • secondary:
  • college: