Private tenants

Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety in homes with shared facilities

If you live with others who are not part of your family, you should take extra care when using shared spaces during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Full government advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) is online at at:

Use of shared spaces

You should spend as little time as possible in shared spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and sitting areas. Keep shared spaces well ventilated.

Try to stay 2 metres (3 steps) away from people you live with.

If you can, use a separate bathroom from others. Make sure you use separate towels from other people, both for drying yourself after bathing and for hand hygiene purposes. Keep your towel in your room.

If you share a toilet and bathroom, it's important to clean them properly after every time you use them – for example, wiping surfaces with using soapy water.

If you share a kitchen with others, avoid using it whilst others are in it. Take your meals back to your room to eat if possible.

If you have a dishwasher, use it to clean and dry your used crockery and cutlery. If this is not possible, wash them using your usual washing liquid and warm water, then dry them thoroughly. Use a separate tea towel to others and put away all crockery and cutlery immediately after drying – don't leave things on the side to dry.

You should clean all appliances after you use them. This includes handles and buttons on kettles, ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers and washing machines. Regularly clean surfaces that are handled most often – for example, door handles, light switches, bannisters and hand rails.

We understand that it is hard for some people to separate themselves from others at home. You should do your very best to follow this guidance, however, and everyone in your household should:

  • regularly wash their hands with soap and water
  • avoid touching their face
  • clean frequently touched surfaces

For advice on testing, go to our coronavirus (COVID-19) testing page.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice letters

The relevant advice letters below were sent to private tenants, landlords and property managers in February 2021.