Public notice

Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Town and Country Planning

The following application(s) have been received. Any representations thereon should be delivered to the Assistant Director of Planning, Transport and Public Protection at the above address within 21 days of advertisement publication.

Retention of 2 transformer blast walls around the 33KV transformer at the Lime Kilns back-up standing electricity generation and balancing facility.
Land adjacent to Sub-Station (Major), Lower Dunton Road, Bulphan
(Departure from the development plan)

Amendment to the approved plans for planning permission ref 19/01223/HHA (part two storey/part single storey extension to the rear and single storey extensions to the sides of the main property; new main pitched roof; pitched roof dormers to front and rear; form terrace over existing porch; extension to garage, including a new roof and dormers and extension to driveway)
Fen House, Conways Road, Orsett
(Affecting the setting of a listed building)

Assistant Director of Planning, Transport and Public Protection
Publication date: 
Thursday 4 March 2021