Purfleet growth

Purfleet centre

We are working together with our development partner, Purfleet Centre Regeneration Ltd (PCRL), on a major regeneration programme for Purfleet.

The development will include around 2,800 new homes with a new town centre at its heart, bringing much-needed social infrastructure to the area.

In addition to housing, the town centre will provide:

  • local shops
  • a supermarket
  • a primary school
  • a health centre
  • leisure facilities
  • an upgraded rail station

A film and television studio complex will be developed alongside the residential area – the first of its kind in the UK in 50 years. The studios will employ around 2,000 people and host some of the largest production companies in the world, together with post-production, multimedia and video gaming firms.

The development programme will also make major investments in local infrastructure, to:

  • open up access to the Thames river front
  • improve the river wall
  • replace the railway crossing with a pedestrian and vehicle bridge
  • create high quality public areas

Planning underway

An outline planning application was submitted in December 2017. If approved, work is expected to start in late 2018. Construction will take place in phases, with the first phase being completed by 2021 and the whole development finished by 2034. Go to:

Contact us if you would like to know more.

Regeneration Delivery

: regeneration.delivery@thurrock.gov.uk