Road maintenance

National funding, 2017/18

The government's Department of Transport has awarded £481,000 to Thurrock for the upgrade or improvement of roads between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018. This award comes from the government's National Productivity Investment Fund.

We will use this funding to carry out resurfacing work on the roads listed below.

Road Town Area in square metres
Lower Dunton Road Bulphan 1,050
St Peters Road and St Marys Road junction Chadwell St Mary 575
Gardner Avenue – from Tasman Close to Langland Close Corringham 1,085
St Johns Way Corringham 418
Argent Street – Jetty Walk Grays 750
Argent Street – West Road Grays 225
Clarence Road Grays 600
High Road, North Stifford – church Grays 740
Hogg Lane – Advice Avenue Grays 539.5
Hogg Lane – from Ark Avenue to Archates Avenue Grays 780
Hogg Lane – link to A1012 Grays 1,035
Lodge Lane – Windsor Avenue Grays 420
Prince Phillip Avenue, Stifford Clays Grays 1,425
South Hill Horndon on the Hill 950
East Tilbury Road Linford 860
High Road – Mill Road Orsett 450
Stifford Road – Baker Street Orsett 1,140
Buckles Lane – dip South Ockendon 260
Buckles Lane – Swaleys Way South Ockendon 650
Dennises Lane – bend South Ockendon 900
Dennises Lane – Kemps Cottage South Ockendon 540
West Road South Ockendon 1,050
Feenan Highway – Parkside Tilbury 525
Hume Avenue Tilbury 770

This award is additional to awards of £1,772,000 for basic highways maintenance, plus £153,000 from the Pothole Action Fund.

The total amount of government funding for Thurrock highway maintenance in 2017/18 is £2,406,000.