Road maintenance

National funding 2018/19

The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced in the 2018 budget that the government is allocating a further £420 million of new money in the 2018/19 financial year for local highways maintenance ahead of the winter season.

This is a significant new investment in road maintenance and comes on top of more than £950 million funding the government has provided to council for local highways maintenance purposes in 2018/19.

The funding is to be used for:

  • the repair of potholes
  • keeping local bridges and structures open and safe
  • other minor highway works that may be needed

Below is a list of roads that will benefit from treatment as a result of Thurrock's share of this funding.

Bridge repairs

Road Estimate Proposal
A1014 The Manorway, Stanford-le-Hope, at Southend Road overbridge £80,000 Joints and patch
Fleming Road, Chafford Hundred Joints and patch
St Clements Way, West Thurrock Joints and patch

Road repairs

Road Estimate Proposal
A13 Eastbound, at BP garage £44,000 Resurface
A1014 The Manorway, Stanford-le-Hope, southbound at Dunstable Road slip road (no estimate) Deep patch repair
Brentwood Road, Chadwell St Mary, at Rigby Gardens between Tiger Crossings £54,000 Resurface
Clarence Road, Grays from Stanley Road to Derby Road (no estimate) Resurface
Crammaville Street, Stifford Clays £50,000 Resurface
Doesgate Lane, Bulphan £30,000 Haunch Repairs
Dunnings Lane, Bulphan, from Little Tillingham Hall southwards for 750m £35,600 Haunch repairs and overlay
Gordon Road, Corringham £50,000 Resurface
High Road, Fobbing £50,000 Haunch repairs and resurface
High Road, North Stifford £56,000 Resurface
North Road, South Ockendon, from The Green to Cheelson Road £50,000 Resurface
Parkers Farm Road, Orsett, from Kings Farm westwards for 400m £40,000 Haunch repairs and overlay
Princess Margaret Road, East Tilbury, at Love Lane £56,000 Haunch repairs
Romford Road, Aveley £58,000 Warwick Lane southwards)
Ship Lane, Aveley £28,400 Haunch repairs
Southend Road, Stanford-le-Hope, at Mackley Drive £40,000 Resurface
Southend Road, Stanford-le-Hope, from Scratton Road to the garage £60,000 Investigate void and resurface
Waltons Hall Road, Linford, at Mucking Wharf Road including bends £48,000 Resurface
Waltons Hall Road, Linford, bend south of Mucking Wharf Road £50,000 Resurface