Road maintenance

A1090 Purfleet Bypass lane closures

One or both lanes of the A1090 Purfleet Bypass will be closed between Meads Roundabout and North Road, from 9pm to 5am, for 6 weeks starting from 3 September 2018. This is to allow the installation of pedestrian and cyclist crossing signals. For most of this time only one lane will be closed, but sometimes both lanes will be closed and detour signs provided – we apologise for any inconvenience.

Personal injury

If we fail in our duty to maintain the highways we may be held liable to pay compensation for losses suffered.

We will not be liable to pay compensation for any accidents caused as a result of highway defect where we can show there is a reasonable system of maintenance in place.

Please tell us about any hazardous defect so we can inspect and arrange to make the highway safe.

To make an insurance claim resulting from a highway defect, precise details of the incident should be put in writing to us. Any invoices for repairs already carried out should also be included. All insurance claims received will be forwarded to our insurers, who will write to you direct.

You should tell us:

  • the location, including town and street name and any landmarks that would help locate where the incident happened
  • the date and time of the incident
  • details of the alleged loss suffered
  • a description of the incident

: 01375 366 100