Road maintenance

Work to improve road surfaces

We work throughout the year to fill potholes and improve road surfaces across Thurrock.

Surface improvements were carried out on the roads below between 23 July and 25 August 2017.

Road Town Square metres
Fen Lane from the school to China Lane Bulphan 3,300
Marshfoot Road from St Chads Road to the roundabout Chadwell St Mary 1,445
Muckingford Road and Linford Road from Atherton Gardens to Blue Anchor Lane Chadwell St Mary 4,430
Riverview from Chelmer Road to Oxford Road Avenue Chadwell St Mary 1,015
St Marys Road and  St Peters Road junction Chadwell St Mary 530
Gardner Avenue from Springhouse Road to Langland Close Corringham 1,180
Grove Road Grays 2,390
King Edward Drive and Wood View junction Grays 805
Lodge Lane (part) and Windsor Avenue junction Grays 907
Stanford Road to the east of King Edward Drive Grays 2,100
Orsett Road from the A128 to the first bend Horndon on the Hill 3,945
East Tilbury Road and Muckingford Road junction Linford 550
A128 Brentwood Road from Keepers Cottage to Conways Road Orsett 7,720
School Lane from Rectory Road to Rowley Road Orsett 1,590
Prince Phillip Avenue from Whitmore Avenue to Kingsman Drive Stifford Clays 1,820
Dock Road and Calcutta Road junction Tilbury 1,624
Feenan Highway from Brennan Road to Stephenson Road Tilbury 1,740
Hume Avenue Tilbury 605
Parkside Tilbury 980
Total 38,676

Surface improvements will be carried out on the roads below between 18 September and 22 October 2017.

Road Town Square metres
Cedar Road, from Nevell Road to number 80 Chadwell St Mary 2,150
Godman Road, from Nevell Road to number 80 Chadwell St Mary 1,700
A1014 Manorway, from Giffords Cross Road Corringham 2,100
A1014 Manorway, eastbound near gate 3 Fobbing 750
A1013 Palmers Avenue, from Whitehall Lane to High View Avenue Grays 3,400
A126 Bridge Road, from East Thurrock Road to Clarence Road Grays 1,725
A1012 Elizabeth Road, from Devonshire Road to Toucan Crossing Grays 2,650
Lodge Lane service road, from Conrad Close to Windsor Avenue Grays 1,500
North Hill, near Horndon By-pass Horndon on the Hill 1,450
A1306 Arterial Road, near Tank Hill Road Purfleet 5,600
High Road, near Mill Road Orsett 3,000
Total 26,025

Repairing roads that have potholes is a major part of our clean it, cut it, fill it work to improve the borough.