School data protection and your privacy

How we use this data

We use information about the children we provide services for to help us to plan and manage things like school admissions, safeguarding and the assessment of any special educational needs.

Thurrock Council is the data controller for the purposes of data protection law.

We use information about pupils:

  • for research
  • for statistical purposes
  • to inform
  • to check and develop education policy and strategies

Access to information is managed on a strictly 'need to know' basis. Where information is shared this is always done in an appropriately secure manner. To find out more, read our Privacy page.

Pupil information may be matched with other data sources that we hold to:

  • model and monitor pupils' educational progress
  • provide comprehensive information for learning institutions to help them operate

Pupils have certain rights under data protection law. These include a general right of access to personal data held about them. Parents exercise this right on their behalf if they are under 12 years-old.

You can ask to see personal information about you or your child held by us.