Severe weather

Severe weather

Severe weather such as heavy snow, blizzards, dense fog, gales, heat, flooding and wide-spread ice can cause great disruption to daily routines.

Severe weather may affect everyone, but older people and those who are infirm or who have disabilities are particularly vulnerable.

We plan for severe weather so that our essential services can respond to communities in need across Thurrock. We will work with emergency services and other agencies to help return the situation to normal as quickly as possible. Everyone has an important part to play during such difficult times.

The government has advice on how to prepare for a flood and get help during and after, and issues flood warnings.

The National Severe Weather Warnings are issued by the Met Office when severe or hazardous weather is expected with the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption of communications and transport networks. They aim to issue warnings between 12 and 24 hours in advance of any forecast event.

The NHS provides advice about keeping warm in winter and staying cool in summer.

During severe weather:

  • listen to local radio for regional weather forecasts
  • offer assistance to neighbours - milk left on the doorstep and curtains drawn during the day, may be a sign all is not well
  • wrap up warm in several thin layers
  • conserve energy by using one room
  • have at least one hot meal a day
  • fill some clean containers with fresh water in case supplies fail

During a heatwave:

  • avoid the hottest part of the day
  • keep out of the sun
  • drink plenty of fluids avoiding alcoholic drinks
  • avoid excessive exercise
  • take cool showers or baths and use water sprays
  • keep your house cool and close curtains during the day
  • keep sleeping areas cool
  • don't leave pets in hot places
  • fill clean containers with fresh water in case supplies fail
  • when driving, open windows, have plenty of water and take regular rest breaks

Contact Essex County Council's travel information service for the latest local travel advice.

Essex County Council travel information service

: 08456 000 110

Telephone from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm.