Social work in Thurrock

Support you can rely upon

Our social workers benefit from a stable environment with a significant support structure in place. We believe social workers should feel comfortable making brave decisions that benefit our service users – especially in service areas that can attract attention and scrutiny from both the public and the media.

Management teams are always available when needed. Each manager has a range of experience to draw from, and is encouraged to be hands-on and up-to-date with all that is going on in their teams. All our social workers receive extensive support to help them with their workload and make sure they are meeting their targets.

Social workers can expect to receive reflective supervision and management support throughout their employment.

Collaboration and progression

Our highly collaborative approach means you will also get significant support from your colleagues. No individual is ever left to deal with complex cases alone and you will have the range of expertise at your disposal in order to best address any challenge.

Communication, regular team discussions, excellent supervision and meetings allow ideas to be shared and issues to be addressed as a group.

We provide dedicated mentoring so you can continue to learn and develop new skills. This will not only allow you to carry out your best work in your current position, but also provide a platform for future progression.

Employee assistance

Our ‘Employee Assistance Programme' provides practical help and solutions for all non-teaching staff and their immediate family. It includes a 24-hour confidential care service offering effective support and advice both during and outside of work.

As a valued employee of Thurrock Council, you will be supported in exploring a difficult problem and, more importantly, supported in dealing with it.