Strategies and plans

Homelessness strategy

The reasons for homelessness are often complex and diverse.

Our review found that the 4 main reasons why people present as homeless are:

  • their assured short hold tenancy has ended and not been renewed
  • they have been evicted by parents
  • they have been evicted by other family members or friends
  • there has been a relationship breakdown or domestic abuse

Our strategy shows the actions needed to help prevent homelessness. Our homelessness forum is responsible for these actions.

Important themes in the strategy are:

  • homeless prevention and relief
  • rough sleepers
  • temporary accommodation
  • health and well-being
  • austerity and economic downturn
  • localism and social housing reform
  • welfare benefit reform
  • 'no second night out'
  • making every contact count
  • testing for priority need