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Thurrock Accredited Planning Agent Scheme terms and conditions

All applications received from an accredited agent will be fast-tracked through validation and registration with only minimal checks being carried out.

Terms and conditions

1. All applications must be submitted electronically using the appropriate scale bars.

2. Each application that is submitted must accord with our published validation checklist and all documentation must be prepared in accordance with the stipulated criteria.

3. Where payment is not submitted via Planning Portal concurrently with the application, the agent must provide details of the payment including date, method, payer name, and any other information as required to identify the payment, or there may be delays in processing otherwise valid applications.

4. If errors are found in an application following registration, the agent will be contacted and the application will count as a failure.

5. Removal of accreditation shall occur if either:

  • on any second occasion within any 6 month period the application submitted under the terms of the scheme is found to have significant errors in it in relation to the validation requirements
  • the accredited agent ceases to trade or operate
  • the accredited agent is deemed to have brought the accredited agent scheme into disrepute

6. The decision to remove accreditation shall be taken by the head of our planning service or their nominated officer.

7. If accreditation is to be removed, the agent will be informed in writing. The correspondence shall clearly indicate why accreditation has been removed and the date from which this takes effect. Once accreditation has been removed the accredited agent identity must not be used on any stationery, merchandise or publicity material.

8. If an agent disagrees with the reason for removal of accreditation, they have the right to appeal. Details of how to appeal will be included in correspondence.

9. The accredited agent may use the Thurrock Accredited Planning Agent identity solely for the purpose of displaying recognition as an accredited agent. It may be used only for so long as the agent remains accredited under the rules of the scheme.

10. The identity shall only be used, either:

  • on stationery, promotional materials, merchandise, advertising and signage
  • as permitted in writing by us

11. The accredited agent will not do anything to prejudice or to endanger the value or validity of the accredited agent identity.

12. The identity must only be used by the accredited agent and shall not be used by any affiliated companies or organisations.

By signing our accredited planning agent agreement, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out above for so long as you are recognised as an accredited agent under the Thurrock Accredited Planning Agent Scheme.