Support for special education needs

Education, health and care needs assessment

Education, health and care plans (EHCP) are for children and young people, aged 0 to 25, who have special education needs or disabilities (SEND).

EHCPs look at children and young people’s needs, bringing together education, health and social care support into a single plan. They are family-focused, with emphasis on:

  • individual goals for children
  • improving children's opportunities for education and employment
  • introducing the opportunity for personal budgets to support these plans

EHCPs have replaced statements of special educational need, and also learning difficulties assessments for young people entering college.

Requesting an EHCP

Requests for an EHCP can come from:

  • the school or other education provider
  • a parent
  • another agency, for example social services or the health authority
  • the young person themselves, if over the age of 16

In all cases we will consider the information and evidence provided and will, if needed, get more advice.

A panel will consider the case for an EHCP. The panel consists of:

  • a special education needs manager
  • a representative from the pupil support centre
  • a representative from the educational psychology service
  • a representative from health
  • a representative from schools
  • a representative from social services

An EHCP will take up to 20 weeks to complete.

Listening and helping

We follow the Special Education Needs and Disability code of practice: 0 to 25 years.

We must listen to parents and anyone else who could provide useful information about the child's educational needs. We help by:

  • arranging to meet with parents
  • giving parents a contact name and number for independent support and advice

When the information has been submitted, we must consider it and determine whether or not to issue a proposed EHCP.

Annual review

The EHCP must be reviewed at least once a year to:

  • check progress towards the outcomes of the plan
  • review the special provision made for your child
  • consider continuing relevance of the statement in light of your child's performance during the year
  • set new targets for the new year

Annual reviews will be coordinated by your child's school. If the child isn't attending school then we are responsible for the child's annual review.