Support for special education needs

School-aged children

Many students will have special educational needs (SEN) at some point during their school life. These can range from temporary to more permanent needs.

Children learn in different ways and can have different kinds or levels of special educational needs. Increasingly, step-by-step, specialist expertise can be brought in to help the school with the difficulties that a child may have.

The approach taken by schools includes:

  • continuous observation, planning, teaching, assessment and review within every class
  • developing a good understanding of children within each class
  • making changes within the class, such as teaching arrangements and classroom organisation
  • consulting parents so they are involved in their child's development

Most children with an education, health and care plan (EHCP) are educated in mainstream schools.

Money can be allocated through the EHCP to employ a learning support assistant who will work with pupils either on their own or in a group.

All students with a special educational need will have work planned for them that will help them progress and achieve the outcomes agreed for them in their EHCP.

Choosing a school

Parents can express their preference for a particular school. We are happy to discuss which schools would best meet your child's needs. Educational psychologists also take part in discussions.

When considering a school, it is important to be sure that:

  • the school is appropriate for the child's needs
  • it is compatible with other interests of other children already in the school
  • attendance there would be an efficient use of council resources