Our tender process

Quick guide to tendering

For contracts over £75,000, we carry out a competitive tender process. This ensures we get value for money.

The tendering process

We run the tender process online through Delta eSourcing. Suppliers can download tender documents free of charge.

The tender process stages are:

  • contract advertised on our new contract opportunities web page
  • suppliers fill out a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and submit it on Delta eSourcing
  • we score the PQQs
  • we invite selected suppliers to tender
  • supplier interviews and presentations, if required
  • tender evaluation, where a panel of our officers scores the tenders against set criteria
  • the evaluation panel make a recommendation for contract to be given
  • the contract is signed
  • we publish the tender result on our buyer profile

These are general guidelines, and the specific process might be slightly different for each contract.

Please read the tender documents carefully to understand the process you must follow in each case.

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