Firearms or weapons attack

Firearms or weapons attack are very rare – but it helps to be prepared in case such an attack were to happen.

In the event of a firearms or weapons attack, you should follow these 3 steps to stay safe.


Run to a place of safety. This is a far better option than to surrender or negotiate. If there’s nowhere to go, then...


It’s better to hide than to confront. Remember to turn your phone to silent and turn off vibrate. Barricade yourself in if you can. Then finally and only when it is safe to do so...


Tell the police by calling 999.

Remember, attacks of this nature are still very rare in the UK. So stay safe, and just remember the words: Run. Hide. Tell.

Stay safe

The police service has produced the short film, below, called ‘Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack’. It shows the best options for keeping safe should the worst happen.

Communities defeat terrorism

You can help the police tackle terrorism and save lives by reporting suspicious behaviour and activity.