Thames crossing

Contact with Highways England

Following the Lower Thames Crossing 'preferred route' announcement in the summer of 2017, Highways England has contacted Thurrock Council on an ad hoc basis.

Our Lower Thames Crossing task force continues stressing to Highways England that they must engage with us on a regular and consistent basis, so we can review important matters and challenge where appropriate.

Highway England meeting with group leaders

Highways England meets periodically with the council's political group leaders. From the meeting held on 8 January 2018:

  • Highways England project director will attend all future Task Force meetings
  • Highways England and council staff will set-up regular technical meetings

Following publication of Lower Thames Crossing task force priorities, meetings with HE will focus on:

  • how and when we can shape the current proposals – January 2018 task force
  • visual impacts of the proposal – February 2018 task force
  • health impacts and air quality – March 2018 task force

Ward councillor meetings

Highways England consultants have held a series of meetings with ward councillors. HE has been asked for details of the content and outcomes from these meetings.