Thames crossing

Our public meetings, 2014 to 2016

We invited residents to discuss Thames crossing proposals and ask questions at public meetings.

Orsett meeting, 25 January 2016

The meeting at Orsett Hall in January 2016 attracted around 400 people and included Thurrock Council Leader, Councillor John Kent, Conservative representative Councillor Sue Little, and Councillor Graham Snell, leader of the council's UKIP group.

The meeting discussed the options that might be included in a Highways England's consultation. These were thought to be so-called Option A, close to the current crossing, along with three routes that cross the river to the east of Tilbury, cross the A13 and join the M25 either between junctions 30 and 29, or at junction 29, either direct or via a "motorway-ised" A127.

A presentation made at the meeting is available below.

South Ockendon meeting, 11 September 2014

Over 100 people attended the second public meeting organised by Thurrock Council to discuss proposals for the Lower Thames Crossing and Options A and C in particular.

The meeting also discussed the possibility of reintroducing Option D into the discussions along with how proposed river crossings in east London might affect the situation.

A presentation made at the meeting is available below.

Orsett meeting, 2 April 2014

Well over 300 people attended a public meeting at Orsett Hall about Option C on the evening of Wednesday, 2 April. A presentation made at the evening:

  • confirms there is a need for a new crossing
  • advises that, as there is as yet no clear preference, government will develop and appraise route options for both location options A and C before choosing where to site a new crossing - Option A is at the existing crossing and Option C is a new link connecting the A2/M2 with the A13 and M25
  • advises that government expects to consult on a proposed solution in late 2015 or early 2016

Maps below and route images in the presentation are intended to give a better understanding of the issues regarding the costed Lower Thames Crossing: Option C. They are not intended as a technical baseline for an environmental statement.

Following the public meeting on 2 April 2014, we sent a letter to the minister asking for clarification on the timing of the decision on options for the Option A or Option C routes.