Tilbury growth

Tilbury Programme Board

Tilbury Programme Board coordinates the growth programme for Tilbury.

The board led the consultation on a shared vision for Tilbury, which was backed in a December 2013 meeting of Thurrock's Cabinet. The documents below present the consultation findings that were used in creating the vision.

Programme plan

The vision sets out 6 themes as the basis for a programme plan. Tilbury will:

  • be an attractive location for residents, businesses and visitors
  • be a place where people can achieve their potential
  • be a place where people can have fun
  • be a place where people are healthy
  • have a vibrant economy
  • feel safe

The board will use the programme plan to make sure investment is well coordinated and results in the maximum possible benefits for Tilbury.

Work on the plan will lead to quick improvements, as well as longer-term advantages, in areas such as:

  • housing
  • economy
  • local business
  • skills
  • jobs
  • health
  • education
  • transport
  • accessibility

The programme will also enhance the environment and boost shopping, community and culture in Tilbury.