Transforming homes

Carrying out the works

Our working hours are 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. This includes preparing your property for work each day and cleaning up at the end of the day.

Each step will vary in the time they take but all works will be completed in about 4 weeks.

Step Description
Step 1 - strip kitchen This work will be very messy and noisy. Your contractor will strip out your existing kitchen cupboards.
Step 2 - renew your bath, basin and toilet Your old bath, toilet and wash-basin will be removed.
Step 3 - rewire the electrics This is the noisiest and most disruptive stage as we will be drilling new holes in the walls for the electrical cabling.
Step 4 - plastering your kitchen and bathroom This stage will be disruptive and very messy.
Step 5 - fitting your kitchen Your contractor fits your new kitchen units and worktops chosen by you, including your new kitchen sink.
Step 6 - tiling your kitchen and bathroom Your contractor will tile in your kitchen and bathroom.
Step 7 - decorating Your contractor will decorate the walls in your kitchen and bathroom with your chosen colour paint from our range. This takes about 3 days.
Step 8 - laying vinyl flooring This is a 2 stage job. In the first stage the contractor will apply a levelling compound (latex) which will take about 4 hours to dry, so you will not be able to use the rooms during this time.
Step 9 - finishing An operative will carry out the finishing touches, ready for inspection. Finishing takes about 1 day.
Step 10 - checking We will check the work. If they have missed anything, they will come back to put it right. We call this 'snagging' it takes about 1 day.
Step 11 - final inspection and approval we will inspect your home and if we and you are happy it meets the agreed specification, we will agree the works are complete. Final inspection takes about 1 day

We will clear the area we are working in at the end of every working day and have the site manager inspect it. Essential services will be reconnected at the end of each day.

Children under 18 years

Children aged 18 or younger must not be left on their own in the property and must be supervised by a responsible adult while work is being carried out.

Valuable and fragile items

Remove valuable or fragile items to avoid accidental damage.


Your tenancy agreement says you must allow us and our contractors reasonable access to your home. If you do not allow us in, or if you break appointments without telling us, the work to your home may be delayed.