Transforming homes

Our contractors

Two contractors are transforming tenants' homes in Thurrock. They are United Living and Wates.

Each contractor provides a residents' information pack.

Transforming Homes resident information packs

Know your contractor

All council representatives carry a photo ID card that will be shown before asking to enter your home.

If you suspect a bogus caller report it straight away to your resident liaison officer or Thurrock Council immediately.

You can contact your resident liaison officer before work starts and ask for password access by the operatives. This system allows you to have a unique password that is known only to you and the operatives.

Remember in the interests of your safety only allow entry to staff carrying a ID contractor badge or a Thurrock Council ID badge.

United Living Wates

Keeping your keys safe

We operate a 'safe key procedure' so you can leave a key with your resident liaison officer. We never put your address on the key and it is locked away when not in use. The key never leaves the site office unless the person who needs to access you property has signed it out and it must be signed back in at the end of each day.

After work is finished, we'll return the key to you and ask you to sign to say you have taken it back. We won't leave your home without making sure it has been properly secured. We will also keep your front door closed while work is going on.

Contractor contacts

United Living Wates

United Living
01322 618 407

Doina Caniparu
Senior Resident Liaison Officer
Mobile: 07799 477 816

Helen McCreadie
Resident Liaison Officer
Mobile: 07731 354 782

Office number
01375 851 150

Thurrock Council resident liaison officer contacts

United Living Wates

James Digby
07768 080 197

Samantha Simons
07826 892 182

Jane Ferrier
07826 953 843

Gemma Ross
07714 610 457

Codes of conduct

All of our contractors have a code of conduct, which their workers must comply with.

All workers are expected:

  • to be polite, co-operative and helpful
  • not to use racist, sexist, abusive behaviour or foul language
  • to be neat and tidy in their appearance – working without shirts, or in shorts or cut down trousers is not allowed when working in your home

Contact your resident liaison officer for a full copy of your contractor's code of conduct.