Transforming homes

Preparing for works in your home

Work will take about 4 weeks in total to complete, depending on circumstances. It may take longer if, for example, we are carrying out damp works or structural repairs.

During this period there may be some days where no work takes place. Your contractors will make sure you are contacted each day to keep you informed of what is due to happen, and when it will happen.

The work will mean some disruption and inconvenience to you. Your resident liaison officer will discuss this with you during the initial visits to your home so you know what to expect.

Your contractor will do a survey to agree with you the original condition of your home 1 to 2 days before works start.

Before works start

Before the works begin, it will help if you could empty all kitchen cupboards and store items elsewhere. The contractor will give you packing boxes to help you, if you need them.

Move any furniture from the kitchen and bathroom and clear all worktops.


  • remove major appliances such as microwaves, kettles, toasters, and so on
  • remove anything from the walls in the kitchen and bathroom, such as clocks, mirrors, toilet roll holders, bathroom cabinets, towel rails, and so on
  • remove anything from the windows in the kitchen and bathroom, such as curtains, blinds, curtain poles, and so on

Keep fridge and freezer items to a minimum as work may affect the electrical supply.

If you find any of these difficult to do, or you are unsure about what to do, tell your Resident Liaison Officer. They are there to help you.