Transforming homes

Surveying your home before work begins

The home survey is completed by the contractor on our behalf, using the standards we set. Before any works start, you will get confirmation of the work that will be done.

During the survey, the following people will be present:

  • kitchen designer – they will talk with you about the design and layout of your kitchen
  • electrical and mechanical surveyor – they look at the wiring in your rooms to see if they need rewiring, and will also check whether you need a new boiler
  • resident liaison officer – they will talk with you about the kitchen and bathroom choices available, answering questions about the proposed kitchen design, and will try to make sure your individual needs are cared for while the work is taking place
  • the contractor – they and will make arrangements and order the materials needed to improve your home, and will also check whether any hazardous materials such as asbestos could be disturbed during the work

If the contractor finds asbestos in your home during the survey, it will be removed safely before any work begins.

What happens after your home survey

Your contractor will write to you 2 weeks before they start work to confirm your agreed start date. and what works will be carried out.

They will check if there are any times when you don't want the works in your home.

If you need to change any dates, please let your resident liaison officer know as soon as possible.

Support for tenants with additional needs

We will assess your individual needs and will offer you appropriate support. Your Resident Liaison Officer will discuss with you any concerns you may have throughout the process.