Troubled families

How the programme works

We will allocate a lead professional – maybe one you already know – to work with your family. They will be a single point of contact for your family so you don't have to contact lots of different agencies and organisations. They will manage your case with help from our Prevention and Support Service.

A meeting – called a 'team around the family' meeting – will be held. It will include:

  • you and your partner
  • the lead professional
  • a worker from the Prevention and Support Service
  • people from services you are working with, or that might offer support

This meeting will be a chance to talk about:

  • why your family is part of this programme
  • services that have already been offered to your family
  • other services that can support your family

Everyone at the meeting will agree a plan to help your family make positive steps to improve your situation.

After the first meeting

It's important that you follow the plan.

You will meet regularly with your lead professional, along with a member of the Prevention and Support Service and the services working with you, to talk about how you're getting on.

By using the support offered to you, and by following your plan, your family will make positive lasting changes so it no longer needs to be part of the Trouble Families programme.

You can contact the Prevention and Support Service for more information.

Prevention and Support Service
Thurrock Council, Civic Offices, New Road, Grays, RM17 6SL