Troubled families

Support for your family

The government set up the Troubled Families programme in 2012 to help families make positive changes and improve their situation.

We are helping Thurrock families to make positive changes, where:

  • parents or children are involved in crime or anti-social behaviour
  • children have not been attending school regularly
  • adults are out of work, or unable to access financial services, or young people are at risk of not getting work
  • parents and children have a range of health problems
  • the family is affected by domestic violence and abuse
  • children are at risk of sexual exploitation

By taking part in the programme with your family, we can work together to improve your quality of life and provide more opportunities for jobs and education.

In particular, it is important for your family to:

  • get all children back in school for a year, if they were previously truant or excluded
  • cut youth crime and anti-social behaviour significantly across the whole family
  • get an adult in the home off benefits and into work for 3 months or more
  • make sure the whole family's health needs are met
  • be in a safe environment, free from domestic abuse
  • be sure children are safeguarded from sexual exploitation