Our vision and priorities

Vision and priorities for Thurrock

Our vision and priorities for Thurrock were adopted on 31 January 2018.

Our vision

An ambitious and collaborative community which is proud of its heritage and excited by its diverse opportunities and future.

Our priorities

People – a borough where people of all ages are proud to work and play, live and stay.

This means:

  • high quality, consistent and accessible public services which are right first time
  • build on our partnerships with statutory, community, voluntary and faith groups to work together to improve health and wellbeing
  • communities are empowered to make choices and be safer and stronger together

Place – a heritage-rich borough which is ambitious for its future.

This means:

  • roads, houses and public spaces that connect people and places
  • clean environments that everyone has reason to take pride in
  • fewer public buildings with better services

Prosperity – a borough which enables everyone to achieve their aspirations.

This means:

  • attractive opportunities for businesses and investors to enhance the local economy
  • vocational and academic education, skills and job opportunities for all
  • commercial, entrepreneurial and connected public services

Corporate priority projects 2021/22

Economic growth:

  • deliver 'Backing Thurrock', our economic growth strategy, to strengthen and grow the economy for the benefit of residents and businesses
  • deliver major regeneration and infrastructure projects contributing to growth, including the government-funded Towns Fund proposals
  • progress the Local Plan to support place-making and guide future sustainable development
  • work with private sector partners to deliver the Thames Freeport to unlock new jobs and skills opportunities through investment and enable levelling-up
  • work collectively through the Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA) to deliver strategic projects that secure greater prosperity and opportunities for residents and businesses

Corporate transformation:

  • transform the council and service delivery through new operating models and ways of working
  • create a leaner asset base to reduce costs and support long term financial sustainability

Community resilience:

  • embed the Collaborative Communities Framework – work with partners to redefine the council's role to achieve better outcomes for residents, especially the most vulnerable, through collaboration and co-design
  • refresh and deliver the Health and Wellbeing Strategy with health and other partners to tackle inequalities and the wider determinants of health