Volunteering with the council

Have your say on our volunteer guidelines

We are currently reviewing the guidelines we give to volunteers. If you would like to have your say in our survey, go to Volunteer guidelines review 2018.

Timebank volunteering

Timebanking is volunteering with a twist. You can offer services to other people and choose services you'd like in return. For example, a Timebank member could go with a patient to hospital and in return could get help with a DIY project from a different Timebank member.

For every hour you 'deposit' in a Timebank, you can 'withdraw' the same amount of time in support when you need it. Each person decides what they can offer. Everyone's time is equal.

One hour of your time is equal to one hour of someone else's time. It doesn't matter what you choose to exchange.

Timebank members can offer voluntary activities such as:

  • helping people go to appointments
  • shopping or doing simple errands
  • decorating and simple DIY home repairs
  • teaching languages
  • companionship and visits
  • cooking
  • helping with computers
  • gardening
  • and much more

If you already volunteer then you will make an ideal Timebank member as you can bank the hours that you already give.

If you're interested in joining the scheme simply go to the Timebank Thurrock website and select ‘Become a Member!’