What's in your library

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – libraries

All libraries are closed until further notice. You can access newspapers and magazines and e-books and e-audio online.

Return dates for loaned items have been extended until the end of July so you don't need to renew. All fines for overdue items will be waived. You cannot reserve or return books at present – please keep hold of your borrowed items and do not put them in library book drops or letterboxes.

Library services for disabled people

We offer access services if you are unable to visit your library, have a visual impairment or are hard of hearing.

Access Ticket

If you find it hard to read print – for example, your sight may be impaired or you may not be able to hold a book – then you may be eligible for a library Access Ticket.

An Access Ticket allows you to borrow our audio-visual items for free. Charges would apply only if you are not housebound and you do not return an item to us on time.

We can provide a Temporary Access Ticket if you have a short-term problem such as cataracts or a broken leg. We may have to visit you at home to find out what type of access would be best.

Home-Link library service

Our Home-Link service is for those who have difficulty accessing the borough's libraries. Difficulties could include carrying heavy books, sight impairment or medical conditions.

Library volunteers deliver books, DVDs, CDs and talking books to homes across Thurrock every month. You can register for the Home-Link service by calling your local library.

We do not run a mobile library service.

Wireless for the Blind CD and MP3 players

We work with the British Wireless for the Blind Fund and to provide CD and MP3 players for talking books. These are free if you are on a means tested benefit. We must visit you at home before we can give you this service.

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Talking Books service

If you are registered blind or partially sighted, you can also apply to the RNIB talking book service for their free books – call their helpline or download a library registration form. RNIB talking books can be supplied on CD or on a USB memory stick, which are sent by post direct to your home.

Contact us

Contact Grays library if you would like more information about these services, or to apply for our Talking Books service.

Grays library access services
Thameside Complex, Orsett Road, Grays, RM17 5DX

: 01375 413 976

: access.services@thurrock.gov.uk