You said, we did

Highways - Road Works

26 March 2018

What you said

Complainant states that council workers are digging up the road outside his house at 11.30pm.  The workers advised that the work was booked by the council to fix censors in traffic signals.  Complainant has two young children that are being kept awake with all the noise.  Would like to know why the work had to be carried out at such an unreasonable time.

What we did

The complaint was subject to investigation by the Highways Service.  All contractors have been instructed to actively consider the properties affected when carrying out work of this nature.  Whilst it is appreciated that the implementation of a new scheme will allow for better work planning, this should not inconvenience residents wherever possible.

How we expect our service to get better

There should be no further complaints from residents as a result of the instruction given to council’s appointed contractors for this scheme of works.