You said, we did

Housing – Quality Assurance Team

4 December 2016

What you said

The Thurrock Quality Assurance Team hold monthly Customer Care Meetings with the repairs partnering contractor. It’s purpose is to encourage and build good working relationships between the teams and includes reviewing feedback from both staff and residents. It reviews current processes in order to identify any areas which can be further developed to continually improve the customer experience.

As part of the monthly Customer Care Meetings, service improvements were identified in two key areas. These included repairs call handling and the process in which e-mail enquiries for new repairs and existing repairs were being managed.

It is noted that the repairs call centre calls were not recorded, this meant that  where there had been few concerns received about the way in which calls had been dealt with, these could not be fully investigated.

What we did

With effect from mid November 2016, all calls to the repairs line are now recorded.

Regarding the process in which e-mail enquiries for new repairs and existing repairs were being managed, all e-mails were received within the repairs call centre and call centre staff would deal with these. Following discussions, it was determined that in order to streamline the process and to ensure e-mail enquiries were being managed in the most effective way, e-mail enquiries regarding new repairs should be dealt with the by the repairs call centre staff and e-mail enquiries regarding existing repairs should be dealt with by the repairs planning team.

With effect from mid November 2016, the above process was adopted.

How we expect our service to get better

In regards to the recording of calls received via the repairs call centre, the Mears Customer Care Team will be undertaking random call listening (spot checks), including live calls.  This will allow for the team to be able to identify where there may be further training required, to ensure the service provided is in line with both the service standards expected and the repairs policy.  This will also allow for full investigations to be undertaken should there be any concerns received in regards to the overall customer experience.

In regards to the management of e-mail enquiries this will allow enquiries to be directed to the correct persons/teams, which in turn will ensure any enquiries are swiftly acted upon. This revised streamlined approach will allow for enquiries to be dealt with by the teams who have the most knowledge and relevant skill set to enable enquiries to be dealt with more effectively. By the planning team taking ownership of enquiries relating to existing repairs this allows the call centre staff to be able to focus on the diagnostics of new repairs which is anticipated to have a positive impact on repairs "first time fix".