You said, we did

Housing - Rent refund

26 March 2018

What you said

A complaint was received from a resident who had contacted the Housing Rents department to request a refund on the credit in his account. However due to an administration error this was not processed for payment.

The resident contacted the department again the following month to enquire why he had not received his payment and requested this be dealt with urgently. However, he was advised this was not possible and this would be managed via the usual refund route. Unfortunately the member of staff he spoke with was unaware that an emergency payment would have been possible.

What we did

The Manager offered an apology and advised the complainant when he would receive his refund.

How we expect our service to get better

A new form has been devised to request refunds and this has been communicated with the Rents Team. The member of staff has been spoken to and the process reiterated.