You said, we did

Revenues and Benefits

23 July 2016

What you said

Miss X made a claim and queried both her housing benefit and council tax payments. She received a timely response from the council tax department but no response was received regarding her housing benefit claim.  Miss X advised that she had sent in a number of emails to chase progress on her case but these had not been responded to.  She claimed that there had been a delay of over two months and she was unhappy with the service she had received to date.

What we did

An investigation into the complaint was undertaken by a senior officer who was satisfied that had been a lack of progress update to the application.  It was also noted that when the claim was reassessed by the officer they had failed to un-suspend the claim to allow payment to be released.  The member of staff involved was subsequently spoken to and the remainder of the team were reminded of ensuring due process is followed at all times once calculations to claims have been completed.

How we expect our service to get better

As a direct result of this complaint the service have also introduced regular report production on suspended claims to that checks can be carried out and customer are not inconvenienced unnecessarily.  This will also result in a decrease in complaints for this service and improve the customer experience.