Joint operation to halt illegal use of unlet garages

16 November 2021
Thurrock Council again joined forces with Essex Police on Friday 12 November, to search 60 garages as part of an initiative to tackle motorcycle nuisance.
The garages were all unlet council garages, which officers from the Environmental Enforcement and Housing Garages teams were searching to make sure they were not being used to store vehicles that are either stolen or used by anti-social off-road motorcyclists.

Joint operation to prevent unauthorised car cruising events

12 October 2021
A joint operation to crack down on nuisance drivers in West Thurrock over the weekend saw 5 fines issued, one motorist reported for suspicion of careless driving and one person given a community resolution for possession of cannabis.
Teams from Thurrock Council and Essex Police worked together to prevent car cruisers from gathering in West Thurrock. They also worked with colleagues from the Metropolitan Police to make sure that the event did not move on into a neighbouring London borough.

Injunction extended against anti-social tenant

18 November 2020
A council tenant who assaulted and threatened neighbouring residents has been banned from Poole House, Chadwell St Mary.
On Friday 13 November, the original injunction that Thurrock Council had been granted against Joseph Sharpe, 26, formerly of 3 Poole House, was extended to Saturday 13 November 2021 at Basildon County Court.