International Women's Day at Thurrock Council

8 March 2023

Thurrock Council is celebrating International Women's Day with a week of staff learning that recognise the main theme of Embrace Equality.

Cllr Deborah Arnold, Deputy Leader of Thurrock Council, said: "Thurrock Council wants to lead by example and that is why we are celebrating International Women's Day by hosting a week of staff learning around embracing equality.

"In all that we do we want to make sure that women and girls have the resources and opportunities they need to achieve equality of outcome.

"Thurrock is primed for significant growth and it is vital that all women and girls have equal access to those opportunities. We will continue working in the community to make sure that equity is built into all that we do.

"Equity recognises that each of us is different, that we have different backgrounds, circumstances and skills and focuses on making sure that we take these differences into account and make sure they all have the same access to opportunity no matter where we start from.

"It is something we as a council are committed to both for our staff and in the way we work with residents."