Man fined and car seized after being caught on CCTV fly-tipping

10 July 2019
A man has been fined and his vehicle seized after being caught on CCTV fly-tipping in South Ockendon.
Eight bags of household rubbish were dumped at the roadside in Dennises Lane at 1:30am on Sunday 30 June.
The offence was reported to Thurrock Council and swiftly investigated.
A car was this morning (Wednesday 10 July) seized in connection with the fly-tip and a Thurrock resident was interviewed and subsequently fined £400 and ordered to pay £220 costs. The resident has already paid in full and the vehicle will now be returned.

Van seized as zero tolerance of fly-tipping continues

2 July 2019
A man who dumped garden waste at the roadside has been fined £400 and become the first person in Thurrock to have their vehicle seized for fly-tipping.
The waste was discarded in Parkers Farm Road in Bulphan last month and was reported to Thurrock Council by a resident who provided evidence of the offence.

Fly-tipper fined after rubbish dumped in Grays

4 June 2019
A fly-tipper has been fined £400 after rubbish was dumped at the roadside in Grays as Thurrock Council continues to take a zero tolerance approach to the issue.
Items including paint cans, bike tyres and bags of rubbish were discarded in Rookery Lane, prompting an investigation by the council’s environmental enforcement team.
As a result of evidence gathered from the fly-tip and a review of CCTV footage, a £400 fixed penalty notice was issued to a man in the Grays area and promptly paid.

Fly-tippers caught red-handed

7 March 2019
Off-duty Thurrock Council Enforcement Officers caught 2 suspected fly-tippers red-handed dumping 92 lorry tyres in a lay-by in Purfleet yesterday evening (Wednesday 6 March).
The officers, who were on their way home from a busy shift, spotted the two men unloading the tyres from the back of an HGV and established they were in the act of fly-tipping dozens of tyres.
After the police were called to the scene the two men admitted their involvement in the crime and could now face prosecution, which could result in a large fine or even imprisonment.

Fly-tippers face prosecution

11 February 2019
Thurrock Council is launching a hard-hitting campaign to let fly-tippers know that their criminal behaviour will not be tolerated in the borough.
The campaign warns anyone using Thurrock to illegally dump rubbish that they face prosecution, which can lead to a huge fine or prison sentence and a criminal record.
As well as targeting fly-tippers, the council is giving residents the information they need to avoid having their waste taken by unlicensed and unscrupulous waste carriers, which could end up landing them with a hefty fine.

Joint operation targets waste carriers

29 January 2019
A joint operation involving Essex Police, Thurrock Council and the Environment Agency saw over 20 officers hitting the streets last Friday to tackle potential fly-tippers operating in Thurrock.
Between 5pm and midnight on Friday 25 January officers stopped any vehicles they suspected of transporting waste to make sure they were properly licensed.
The team stopped around 30 vehicles and took the following action:

Dozens of people fined for fly-tipping

19 October 2018
Since April 2018, Thurrock Council has issued 52 £400 fixed penalty notices to people who have illegally dumped rubbish in the borough.
Cllr Rob Gledhill, Leader of Thurrock Council, said: “Fly-tipping is a selfish and disgusting act and we will take all possible action to ensure that those who use our borough as a dumping ground face the consequences of their actions.

Enforcement action sees fly-tip cleared

31 August 2018
Action taken by Thurrock Council Environmental Enforcement Officers, working with a private land owner, has seen a pile of fly-tipped waste cleared from an alleyway in less than 2 days.
After officers found the waste, which had been dumped on private land at the rear of Southland Terrace in London Road, Purfleet, they issued a Community Protection Notice (CPN) to the landowner in Jersey who acted immediately to clear the waste.

Fly-tippers fined and more Fixed Penalty Notices given in Thurrock

14 February 2018
Three fly-tipping cases in Grays and Tilbury have resulted in Thurrock Council issuing three Fixed Penalty Notices worth £400 each or £1200 in total.
As part of the council's 'Clean it, Cut it, Fill it' initiative, council enforcement officers are continuing to take a tough approach.
Alleyways next to William Street in Grays and Christchurch Road in Tilbury were subjected to the dumping of household waste. Council enforcement officers supported by local residents were able to provide evidence of dumping and identified the perpetrators allowing fines to be issued.

Fly-tippers in Thurrock fined

10 October 2017
Four fly-tipping cases in Grays and Tilbury have resulted in Thurrock Council issuing Fixed Penalty Notices worth £1,600.
As part of the council's clean it, cut it, fill it initiative, council enforcement officers are taking a tougher approach
A private alleyway behind Oak Road, Grays was subjected to the dumping of building waste which, over time, was transferred to Grove Road. Letters found by officers allowed them to identify the perpetrators and issue a fine.