Developer fined for leaving a mess in East Tilbury

10 July 2024

A housing developer has been forced to pay thousands of pounds in fines and costs after leaving an unsightly mess at the The Lawns development site, in Coronation Avenue, East Tilbury, which he has planning permission to build 18 homes on.

Tom Ingleton, Director of Ingleton Luxury Homes Ltd, pleaded guilty to not complying with a legal order to tidy the site issued to him over a year ago by Thurrock Council when he appeared at Basildon Magistrates Court on Tuesday 9 July.

He has to pay £3,400 personally and an additional £3,492 as director of the house building company.

Cllr Lee Watson, Cabinet member for Good Growth, said: “I hope this case serves as a warning to developers who think they can create a mess, disregard warnings and notices from the council, and behave as they please.

“Instead of building the homes he had permission to, this developer created an unsightly, and potentially hazardous, mess he clearly had no intention of clearing.

“Now he is facing the consequences of his actions. He has to pay out nearly £7,000 in fines and will be forced to clear his site as required by the notice we issued him last April.

“Residents should not have to put up with the mess left by irresponsible developers. This shows that we will always take action to protect our residents and their neighbourhoods.”