Early indication of Key Stage 2 success

12 September 2023

Early figures indicate that Thurrock's primary schools are the top performers in the Eastern region when it comes to teaching reading, writing, grammar, maths and science.

Results of assessments of pupils in years Early Years Foundation Stage, Year 2 and Year 6 show that more pupils are reaching the expected standard in Thurrock than across the region. The figures are due to be validated later in the year.

Cllr Adam Carter, Cabinet Member for Education, said: "These figures indicate that our schools and pupils are achieving the best results for children of this age compared to other schools in our region. It is testament to the fantastic work being done by schools and teachers working in the borough.

"I have written to primary schools to thanks them for everything that they have done that has led to this fantastic achievement. They are creating a strong educational foundation for young people, which will help them grow and thrive as they progress through their school careers.

"It is something that our schools and pupils should be proud of, I am extremely proud of what they have achieved."