Highways England accused of deliberately over-complicating Lower Thames Crossing consultation

14 November 2018
Angry councillors have accused Highways England of deliberately overwhelming residents with the "sheer size and complexity" of its Lower Thames Crossing consultation.
The consultation was launched last month and runs until Thursday 20 December, but the documents run to thousands of pages.
Thurrock Council fear people could therefore be put off from responding and believes it could be a deliberate ploy from Highways England.

Statement on legal action over Lower Thames Crossing proposals

1 November 2018
Cllr Rob Gledhill, Leader of Thurrock Council, said: "I am pleased that members have supported my motion to explore a judicial review or any other legal action that might be possible against Highways England and their abysmal Lower Thames Crossing proposals.
"The Lower Thames crossing will be a 3-lane motorway, all of which is above ground, tearing through the heart of Thurrock and creating a visible scar on our landscape.

Thurrock Business Board backs council's opposition of Lower Thames Crossing scheme

31 October 2018
Businesses in Thurrock have vowed to support Thurrock Council in its opposition of the "wholly inadequate" Lower Thames Crossing proposals.
Thurrock Business Board discussed Highways England's proposed scheme at its latest meeting on Monday and, having previously given the plans its conditional support, its members concluded that the latest proposals now offered no tangible benefits for the borough's businesses.

Council leader calls for legal action on Lower Thames Crossing

10 October 2018
Thurrock Council has vowed to go to any lengths in its battle against "abysmal" Lower Thames Crossing plans.
It comes as Highways England is set to launch a public consultation on the proposals tomorrow (Wednesday 10 October), ahead of making an application to the Secretary of State for Transport for a Development Consent Order (DCO).
Cllr Rob Gledhill, Leader of Thurrock Council, said: "All Councillors remain unanimously opposed to the Lower Thames Crossing, as I have made abundantly clear on many occasions, and that position has not changed.

Thurrock Council wins fight to require Highways England to carry out Lower Thames Crossing health assessment

11 June 2018
Highways England has bowed to pressure from Thurrock Council and agreed to carry out vital assessments relating to the health of residents' living in the borough.
Thurrock Council has long opposed plans for the Lower Thames Crossing and recently made it clear to Highways England that proposed Environmental Impact Assessments did not go far enough.
Highways England wrote to the council on 4 June agreeing to carry out a standalone Health Impact Assessment.

No influence on the route or height, task force told

26 January 2018
Members of Thurrock Council's Lower Thames Crossing Task Force have heard that councillors and residents have no influence on the route and height of the road.
At this week's task force meeting (Monday 22 January), Highways England presented the areas of influence for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, including construction, community, operations and environmental factors.
However, while Highways England made it clear that they would listen to local residents, the horizontal and vertical alignments of the road are 'project-led decisions'.