Public notice

Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Town and Country Planning

The following application(s) have been received. Any representations thereon should be delivered to the Chief Planning Officer at the address below within 21 days of advertisement publication.


  • T1 Ash – crown lift over path by 2.5m
  • T4 Holm Oak – cut back to clear the street light by 2m
  • G3 mixed species – cut back to create 1m clearance behind the fence
  • G4 mixed species – fell all dead trees within the group
  • G5 mixed species – cut back over the road by 2m
  • offsite Holm Oak – crown lift over parking area to a height of 5m

Land and trees adjacent to numbers 2 to 8 and 1 to 47 Church Hollow, Purfleet-on-Thames.
(Affecting the character of the conservation area)

Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment and change of use of the site from a hotel (C1 use) to a builders' merchant (Sui Generis use), including the construction of a warehouse building incorporating a retail area for visiting members of the public.
Lowden Roofing and Building Supplies, Stonehouse Lane, Purfleet-on-Thames.
(Major development)


  • T1 Ash tree – reduce crown of 1 ash tree by 2.0/2.5mtrs, light access, general maintenance

The Larches, Rectory Road, Orsett.
(Affecting the character of the conservation area)


  • T3 Ash – fell young tree due to level of decline, poison stump or grub out or grub out by hand
  • T5 Ash – fell young tree due to level of decline, poison stump or grub out by hand
  • T7 Hawthorn – fell mature hawthorn due to level of decline, and poison stump
  • T18 Plum – fell young plum with severe structural issues, poison stump or grub out by hand
  • T29 Sycamore – fell young sycamore with low vigour, low leaf coverage, heavily suppressed crown and deadwood/dieback, poison stump or grub out by hand
  • T32 Ash – fell young spindly ash with lifting root plate on northern side, grub out stump by hand

Additional and usually requiring 5 day notification of intent to fell, but included as part of the application for ease:

  • T11 Plum – fell young dead plum

Land including rear of Hollow Cottages, former Cornwall House and north of London Road, Purfleet-on-Thames.
(Affecting the character of the conservation area)

The temporary change of use of land and erection of a marquee for ancillary use to the existing educational use of the site, as a single event for a period of 45 days per annum.
Performing Arts College, Southend Road, Corringham.
(Departure from the development plan)

Chief Planning Officer
Thurrock Council
Civic Offices
New Road
RM17 6SL

Publication date: 
Thursday 20 June 2024