You said, we did

Adult Social Care - Late appointments

26 March 2018

What you said

A complaint was received from a Service User’s son dissatisfied with a number of late carer calls to his father and due to this, medication had been administered twice, once by the family member and then again by the afternoon carer.

What we did

An apology was extended regarding the late carer call and further investigations were made into why appropriate notes were not made on the Service User’s log sheet.

Regarding the administrating of medication, the carer contacted the Service User’s son to advise him of the error however they did not follow the correct procedure and report the incident to a coordinator or office manager. It was acknowledged that communication on all levels required significant improvement.

How we expect our service to get better

The coordinators have been reminded of the importance of advising Service Users and their families when carers are delayed.

Further training has been given to ensure that all visits to homecare Service Users are recorded appropriately.