You said, we did

Customer Contact Centre

20 December 2016

What you said

A complaint was received from a resident who was attempting to contact the council to discuss his council tax account and was querying how the council had arrived at its calculation.  He reported that the operative he spoke with was rude and unprofessional in their approach and ended the telephone conversation without resolving the issue.  This left him feeling very frustrated and unhappy with the service received.

What we did

The investigation into the complaint resulted in the manager listening to the recording of the telephone conversation which took place.  The manager was satisfied that the member of staff had not dealt with the telephone conversation in line with council procedure and they were reminded of the requirement to follow due process when dealing with conversations from customers.  To ensure learning from the complaint future telephone conversations managed by this operative were also subject to scrutiny to ensure that lessons had been learnt.

How we expect our service to get better

The council will continue to measure customer satisfaction, call quality and number of complaints received to improve the customer experience.  Routine monitoring of telephone calls is undertaken to ensure a professional, consistent approach is taken.