You said, we did

Housing – Remedial repairs

13 December 2016

What you said

Comments were received from a resident, regarding ongoing issues being experienced in regards to damp and mould throughout the property. The resident reported that despite remedial treatment work being carried out, there were ongoing concerns of damp and mould. 

What we did

A review of this particular case identified that there had been 2 mould surveys and remedial treatment works undertaken within the first 6 months of the 2016 year via the council’s repairs partnering contractor. In addition to the treatment works, a number of remedial works were also carried out, which included; renewal of windows, repointing to the external brickwork, installation of an airbrick to the bedroom wall and mould treatment to affected areas.

Following further concerns received, a Surveyor inspection was arranged, the outcome of this resulted in a job being raised for the hit and miss vent in the bedroom to be overhauled.

The resident continued to report concerns and in July 2016 arrangements were made for a Thurrock Building Surveyor to re-attend the property for the purpose of carrying out a Hygrometric test. This was completed and the results showed minimal readings.  It was also reported that there were no signs of damp having returned to the previously treated walls. 

Due to the above, it was deemed that no further works were required at this time.

However, the resident again raised concerns of the damp and mould reoccurring in the property. As a result, a decision was made for a further inspection to be carried out, this time by a specialist Damp and Mould Surveyor, who had recently been appointed by Thurrock Council. The findings from this further inspection highlighted additional remedial works, which have since been scheduled. These include:

  • reconfiguring garden steps such that there is a clear space between them and the dwelling wall
  • remove PVC plant used to seal the reveals at the bedroom and lounge PVCu windows for further investigation of the window installation
  • remove outer skin bricks to the bedroom wall to investigate a potential bridging issue in the wall structure

It is anticipated the above further investigations will allow for conclusive findings and determine if there are any further works required.

How we expect our service to get better

 It is expected that the appointment of a dedicated, specialist Damp and Mould Surveyor will allow for thorough investigations to take place, where there are continued reports of reoccurring damp and mould, to assist in identifying the root causes of the reported damp and mould issues.  This will allow for targeted works to be identified and progressed as required, with a view to providing a more permanent solution to issues, where it is deemed that remedial mould treatment works may not have been effective in resolving the issues.