You said, we did

Housing - Estate Management

26 March 2018

What you said

A recent complaint expressed dissatisfaction that the tenant had to give 4 weeks’ Notice to Quit and that there had been a breach of security by the concierge staff.

What we did

It was recognised that the policy surrounding termination of tenancy was followed however it was acknowledged that no consideration had been given to the tenant’s individual circumstances.

As a good will gesture and due to the circumstances surrounding the tenant’s move, it was agreed that there could be a shorter notice period.

Regarding the concierge security breach, further instructions had been given not to allow the individual in question into the block.

How we expect our service to get better

Estates Officer’s are to discuss with their team leaders individual circumstances that may require a discretionary short notice period.

Whereby an individual has been prohibited to enter a block, photographic evidence will be provided to concierge staff with instructions that named perpetrators are not permitted entry.